Our Story

500 has been my first car, in the last years I was lucky to have one like in the past and since then my big passion for vintage cars was born, and over the years it was going to fortify always more.
My first 500 has been Frou Frou for which I chose his Giallo Positano color, with it I took part to a Club Fiat 500’s meeting in Capri, after this big success and interest for my car I created this my little car team.
Later I get Catarì to restored, and at the same time I took part with it to another car meeting in Capri and it has been very esteemed for weddings.
with one’s great surprise I noticed this revival of vintage which grew up, so I decided to create this job. Based on need you can rent a 500 driven by me, I keep in mind that these cars aren’t like modern cars because they need of a particular way of driving, so they need of an expert driver.
Finally last year thanks to the collaboration of my trustworthy auto body mechanic, as well as my husband, I designed with him last 500 “Teresina”, which took my name, the choice of his “Red Ferrari team” color call to mind the love that I put in my new job